The ea consultancy feature as part of the Women in Business section, in the October/November 2023 issue of the Sussex Chamber of Commerce magazine, Business Edge (Business Edge, page 28).

Conscious Leadership in a Diverse World

Razia Aziz and Jess Taylor are the Co-Directors of the ea, a consultancy devoted to developing conscious leadership skills in individuals and organisations. Conscious leaders show awareness of, and care for, the ways in which we are all interconnected; they understand how to be both inclusive and included -not just in theory, but in day-to-day practices and relationships with others and the planet.

Razia has worked as an independent consultant in the diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership space for 27 years. With a holistic, relational approach that engages mind, body and ‘spirit’ (or greater purpose), Razia encourages people to develop clarity, confidence and effectiveness in their leadership at all levels in organisations and community settings.

With over 20 years’ experience, Jess has a passion for partnership, inclusion and social justice. She uses creative approaches to deepen personal and collective understandings of inclusion, creating Brave Spaces of welcome, compassion and belonging for everyone.

Together Razia and Jess embody a fresh approach to the urgent challenge of creating sustainable, equitable, inclusive change, serving individuals, groups and teams, from grass roots community groups to multi-national corporations. Our offers include group and 1-2-1 leadership coaching and supervision; speaking, chairing and hosting conferences; leadership learning and development programmes; and audits & culture reviews.

We are excited to be launching our new Group Coaching Programme, The Conscious Leader, in January 2024. This 10-step online course is designed to develop communities of wise, compassionate leaders who know and care for themselves, understand structural inequality and respond to its challenges by helping to restore relationships among people and between people and the more-than-human world. To find out more about us and the Conscious Leader, contact us directly: or You can also book a discovery call via our website:

We look forward to hearing from you!

See the feature in the Sussex Chamber of Commerce magazine, Business Edge – October/November 2023 issue – Page 28

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