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The ea is a leadership and inclusion consultancy with a distinctive, holistic approach to cultivating conscious leadership in a diverse world

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Razia Aziz and Jess Taylor, leaders of the ea, offer a fresh approach to the longstanding challenges of creating sustainable, equitable, inclusive change.

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"We have said many times to each other that you and your sessions have been the best part of the whole course. You have inspired us all in more ways than you can imagine and valued each and every one of us individually and collectively as a group during your sessions. That has made us feel so special and talented and reminded us how important we are for the Trust. "
Participant on Inclusive-Included leadership programme, 2021

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bindweed flowers

The Leader as Good Gardener

Diversity, Leadership

I’ve always been a well-meaning but neglectful gardener, so bindweed does tend to get the upper hand in my garden. I was just getting my...
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Bodies and Minds Entwined

Embodiment, Resilience

Though dwelling in a body can be wonderful, our bodies are also places of vulnerability – to sickness, injury, stress, long term decline,...
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Bold, Brave, Brotherly

Equality, Gender Equality

Gender equality in the workplace is not a ‘women’s’ issue. And it’s certainly not a ‘minority’ concern (women are, after all,...
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