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The DEI landscape is complex, thought-provoking and ever-changing. Read our blog to get an insight into The ea way of thinking.

As our regular readers will know, we publish a bimonthly newsletter which includes a short editorial – with a link to a longer article – plus other news and research. We are now excited to announce the launch of BlogJam – new, affordable online bimonthly conversation space.

Each one hour BlogJam offers an opportunity to go deeper into the theme signalled by the preceding newsletter with others who care about the things you care about. We are sure you will find it a stimulating and though provoking experience.

The first BlogJam on the topic of Inclusion ‘elephants in the room’ and ‘walking our talk’, will take place on Monday 11th December 12.30-1.30 GMT. Check out our event page to find out more and reserve your space – we hope to see you there!

So here we are at the Trust is Us leadership conference with a full tally 150+ middle to senior leaders in attendance. Inclusivity is high on the agenda. My colleague from the ea and I are taking in the room, and there, holding their breath in the aisle against the walls, are the Five Elephants. This is what I learned when lending them my ear.

I’ve always been a well-meaning but neglectful gardener, so bindweed does tend to get the upper hand in my garden. I was just getting my hands in the soil for the first time in a few months and, noticing how the leafy white-trumpet-flowered creeper had spread since the last time, I exclaimed to my partner “Bindweed! The most successful of plants”. And then I stopped in the midst of teasing those soft, brittle white roots out from the stony soil, and said out loud “Actually, is this success?”

Bodies and Minds Entwined

Though dwelling in a body can be wonderful, our bodies are also places of vulnerability – to sickness, injury, stress, long term decline, social exclusion, discrimination, isolation, alienation.

Bold, Brave, Brotherly

Gender equality in the workplace is not a ‘women’s’ issue. And it’s certainly not a ‘minority’ concern (women are, after all, more than 50% of the population). It affects all of us. There can hardly be a man who is not closely, or intimately, connected with a working woman – a partner, mother,

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